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What is Ayurveda?

Updated: Sep 2

A-yur-ve-da (eye-your-ve-da) is the traditional medical practice in India. It's thousands of years old and comes from the ancient texts The Vedas. Here in the US, Ayurveda isn't recognized as medicine and the offerings are geared towards achieving longevity with lifestyle. Health counselors and practitioners help clients with wellness practices related to diet, lifestyle, and self care. Like traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda looks to the elements and nature to help bring the body into balance.


This is the Sanskrit word for health. A healthy body is a body that is in balance. All the body systems are functioning optimally. In allopathic terms we can use the word homeostasis. Disease (or dis-ease) can happen when our body is out of homeostasis, or balance. Ayurveda uses food and lifestyle practices to help us achieve balance in our body. A general rule of thumb is that like increases like and opposites balance. If you're feeling cold reach for food and drink that is warm or hot, not iced and chilled.


Dinacharya are the daily routines that we keep. What's the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up? How do you set yourself up to have a productive day? Do you fall asleep easily in the evening? How do you wind your body down from a busy day so you can give your body the rest it needs? Various daily practices can help set us up to enter and exit the day with ease. I’ll cover those practices on another day.

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